Before Paying a Golf Instructor in Berlin Township or other city in Michigan – READ THIS!

If you are like me, you love golf. And you want to improve your game and lower your handicap. To do so takes practice. Time on the driving range and practice green, as well as just playing the course. However, if you are not getting golf lessons of some type, you are probably not improving as much as you would like.Golfer Putting

There are many options today for improving your golf game. You could attend a golf clinic. You could pay for one-on-one golf lessons. There are golf magazines full of tips. And of course, these days the internet is a great source of practice pointers. There are even some pretty cool apps that you can have right on your smartphone. And there are always your golf buddies, who are full of “useful” suggestions.

Golf Clinics and Instructors in and around Berlin Township, MI

I’ve attended golf clinics in the past. Some were more helpful than others. How helpful a clinic or golf school is, often depends on how many students attend. The more students, the less one-on-one attention you get. Clinics may last anywhere from three or four one-hour sessions to a full two or three day weekend. And golf clinics or schools cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars if you attend one like Butch Harmon’s school.

Private golf lessons are another option. This way you will definitely receive more one-on-one instruction, which is a plus. But again, there is the cost. Golf instructors cost anywhere from $40 to $100 per lesson or more.

While I’ve found hiring a golf swing coach helpful, there’s also a problem. I couldn’t have the instructor with me every time I played or spent time on the driving range. And with time, it’s easy to forget what was taught and slip back into bad swing habits.

Golf Magazines

Growing up, my father had subscriptions to a couple of magazines. One was Golf Digest. And the other was just called Golf, as I recall. The magazines were full of tips and techniques to improve your game. The problem was, any given month’s issue may not address the problem you wanted to work on. Frankly, on some level it is surprising that the magazines still exist with the prominence of the internet. While I rarely look at the magazines anymore, they do still have interesting articles such as interviews with various touring pros.

Golf Tips Abound Online

What I’ve also found to be very helpful are online golf coaching tips. Usually in the form of a report or book, these are often either Swing Problem Curesfree or cost less that what I’ve spent on a single golf lesson with the course pro. And they are packed with helpful tips and techniques that I can take with me every time I’m on the course.

It’s been great to be able to simply pull up the book on my smartphone, review the golf instruction for the problem I’m working on and put it into play. For me, it is usually reviewing the tips on how to fix a slice.

Whether you receive golf instructions in person or from online reports and videos, it’s interesting how often the suggestions seem contradictory. And even if the tip is a good one, it may not work for you. For example, one coach may have you close your stance to cure a slice. And another will have you open your stance and strengthen your grip. While both can be correct, one will work better than the other given your swing mechanics.

To see which tips work best, you may end up trying several for a given problem. To keep costs down, I’ve found online videos and digital books to be very helpful. I’ve used this free online golf book. It has some good tips, and it didn’t cost anything. There are others that I’ve purchased that have also helped one aspect of my game or another.

So even if you attend a golf clinic in Berlin Township or nearby town in Michigan, supplementing that instruction with low cost or free online golf lessons makes a lot of sense. I hope you enjoy Cures for the Top 8 Most Common Golf Problems, and get a good tip or two out of it.